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SchoolTube.com is the nation's largest K-12 moderated video sharing platform, specifically designed for students and educators - exclusively endorsed by over twenty national education associations.

Empowering students and teachers through the use of video, with a safe, informative, and fun video sharing experience.


Much like our universe, SchoolTube is ever expanding. As of 2013 we have registered users representing over 50,000 K-12 schools uploading over 1,000 videos a day. SchoolTube videos reach hundreds of thousands of people each day around the globe.

A-Ha Moment

In 2006, we thought students and teachers needed a safe and fun place to share videos. So...we built one. SchoolTube’s key value centers on the premise that all videos published on SchoolTube are moderated by locally approved educators, ensuring a trusted and safe video sharing experience. SchoolTube supports the U.S. market of 5 million teachers and 55 million students (plus 1.4 billion students worldwide!) – with over 500,000 student and educator videos from across the globe.

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